Aviation Insurance

Benefits at a glance

  • Our aviation specialists can offer personal, expert advice on how to structure your aviation insurance
  • A personal risk analysis, tailored to your circumstances, shows you the insurance needed to cover you and your aircraft
  • Your contact person is experienced and can support you on insurance matters relating to all of your aircraft – from small planes to business jets
  • If you need to submit a claim on your aviation insurance, you can rely on independent experts
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Good to know

  • The Swiss Aviation Act states that holders are liable for any bodily injury and property damage that their aircraft may cause to a person
  • The injured party need only prove that there is a causal link between the damage and the aircraft

In detail

Zurich Aviation Insurance provides the right protection for passengers, pilots and aircraft holders, while offering a range of services to meet your specific requirements.

Liability insurance for aircraft

  • Covers third-party claims for bodily injury and property damage outside the aircraft, where the aircraft causes the damage (third-party liability insurance)
  • Combines liability insurance for passengers and third parties to create a combined single limit (CSL) with a lump-sum guarantee
  • Covers losses where passengers are injured or die, and where their luggage is damaged or lost (CSL)

Accidental damage insurance: in the air and on the ground

  • Comprehensive insurance covers damage to the aircraft caused by fire, natural forces (e.g. gales, hail, landslide), theft or small animals
  • Stationary aircraft hull insurance provides comprehensive cover for aircraft on the ground, even if the engines are run for test purposes
  • The sum insured is based on the aircraft’s fair value; the deductible is tailored to your requirements

Accident insurance for passengers and crew

  • Accident insurance for passengers and crew members; benefits are defined on a case-by-case basis
  • Protects passengers and crew against the financial consequences of an aviation accident
  • Also covers accidents that occur when boarding and disembarking or as a result of an emergency landing

Supplementary insurance (selection)

  • Insurance for flight instructors
  • Flying clubs and flying events can count on Zurich
  • Insurance modules for airfield operators, production and maintenance firms
  • Coverage for war and terrorism
  • Insurance coverage for drones

Our advisory service

Get ready for take-off by asking our aviation specialists about the optimum insurance for your aircraft.

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Business risk under control

Products manufactured incorrectly, incorrect machine operation – liability insurance helps you calculate risk.

Occupational retirement provisions for business

Our BVG-compliant solutions are flexible enough to meet your company’s needs.

Protection for inventory and earnings

Water damage in a warehouse, followed by loss of income – the financial consequences can be severe. Protect yourself against risks, now.