Occupational retirement for companies

Vita - Occupational retirement provision for companies

What is Vita? The occupational retirement provision for companies offered by Vita Joint Foundations and Zurich Insurance. Together we offer you sustainable pension planning solutions that you can choose from according to your company’s needs.

Good reasons to choose Vita

Long-term experience

The Vita Joint Foundation has relied on the partially autonomous model since 2003, and is as such a pioneer within the market.

Long-term, stable returns

Proven successful investment strategies have enabled an above-average interest rate so far.

Proven partnership

As an insurance partner, Zurich’s extensive experience provides security in areas of risk.

Solutions for the companies in Liechtenstein

If you are a company based in Liechtenstein and want to put your occupational pension scheme into trustworthy hands, then Zurich is your ideal partner. Choose Zurich and you get a long-standing, established provider of pension solutions in Liechtenstein.

  • Zurich pension solutions cover the statutory minimum benefits, and on request can be adapted to individual requirements that exceed the mandatory benefits
  • Zurich is Switzerland's largest multinational insurance company and has many years’ experience in Liechtenstein, Switzerland and the European Union
  • Guaranteed pension payments on retirement and in the event of disability or death
  • Attractive interest rates for the pension capital
  • Manage your data quickly and easily online with the online occupational pension plan


By the way:

Zurich Care Management helps your employees get back to work quickly after an accident or illness.

Solutions for companies with an internationally mobile workforce

International companies that employ people who work across borders need a partner that understands their specific needs. Zurich has developed pension solutions for international clients, which take international workforce mobility into account.

  • A unique, globally consistent pension plan for the financial protection of life, health and income of mobile workers
  • Attractive premiums and minimal administrative effort
  • You can choose and freely combine the benefits and sum insured
  • Payment and plan options in various currencies
  • Zurich specializes in locations with an increased risk and in high sums insured


By the way:

Zurich has more than 30 years' experience in international business. As a global insurance firm with 60,000 employees in 170 countries, we know what it takes.

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